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Tory MP accidentally reveals 'General Election 2019' email

Ex-education secretary Damian Hinds lets slip the existence of a 'GE team' – fuelling belief that UK is heading to the polls soon

Russia nuclear explosion: Village near site of deadly missile accident told to evacuate after radiation spike

Residents warned of 'planned activities of the military authorities' at site of secretive disaster

Brexit: Huge march calling for fresh referendum to be held less than two weeks before 31 October deadline for leaving EU

'Let Us Be Heard' event will be week later than planned - taking it to just 12 days before date when Boris Johnson is threatening...

Cristiano Ronaldo reveals the difference between himself and Lionel Messi

Speaking in the latest DAZN documentary 'The Making Of', the 33-year-old discusses the ongoing debate of who is the better player...

Walmart criticised over pro-gun t-shirts on its website: 'Gun control is being able to hit your target'

Walmart accused of promoting gun violence even in wake of two shootings in its stores in one week

BBC Proms 29 and 32 review: Musical nostalgia from John Wilson's ensemble and a larger than life performance from the National Youth Orchestra of the USA

The John Wilson Orchestra take us back to Hollywood's Golden Age while America's National Youth Orchestra perform with boundless energy

'Something extraordinarily bad is about to happen': Huge Chinese military build-up filmed on Hong Kong border as all flights cancelled

Protesters shut down Hong Kong's main airport again on Tuesday, forcing all flights to be cancelled for a second day

I met Jeffrey Epstein and he admitted he knew the secrets of the rich and the powerful

I declined his request to be his official biographer. Now I can only wonder what that offer might have unearthed

The global machine behind the rise and rise of Sweden's far right

Former street neo-Nazis enter the corridors of power, bringing with them talk of a culture war where immigrants and refugees are a...

Nora Quoirin: Body found in search for missing teenager, family says

Forensic examination required to determine identity, say police

Superstar opera singer Placido Domingo accused of sexual harassment

'He was always touching you in some way, and always kissing you,' says one of nine accusers

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