The War Against The Conservative Establishment

Conservative Inc. doesn't have 'America First' in mind.

Facebook App Secretly Accessing iPhone Users’ Cameras

Occurs as unsuspecting users read the news feed.

AG Barr Blasts Democrats’ ‘Scorched-Earth Campaign’ To ‘Sabotage’ Trump Presidency

'They essentially see themselves engaged in a war to cripple, by any means necessary, a duly elected government,' he says.

Vladimir Putin Sums Up New World Order In 5 Words: ‘US Dollar Will Collapse Soon’

Russian President Vladimir Putin succinctly summarized the shifting tectonic plates of geopolitics. Vladimir Putin: “The Dollar...

‘A True Disgrace’: The White House Responds To Claims Of Witness Intimidation

In addition to attacking Yovanovitch, the president argued that he had done far more for Ukraine than former President Barack Obama.

90.9% of Stone jury pool voted for Hillary

The jury included “CIA operatives, Democrat Party operatives, people that work for Clinton, Obama, high-level.

Globalists Openly Admit To Population Control Agenda – And That’s A Bad Sign

Population control has also been brought up consistently as an issue in the 2020 Presidential Election race.

Report Finds China Still Harvesting Organs From Political Dissidents, Minorities

The research found that the Chinese government may have been "systematically falsifying" its organ donation numbers.

‘I Have Freedom Of Speech’: Trump Hits Back After Critics Claim Witness Intimidation, ‘Thugocracy’

"I have the right to speak. I have freedom of speech just like other people do."

DARPA Seeks “Militarized Microbes” So They Can Spread Genetically-Modified Bacteria

The United States government could very well be looking into ways to militarize microbes.

Leftists Cheer Roger Stone Conviction

Dems keep shifting reason for impeachment: now it's "witness intimidation"

Prosecutor Calls for Immediate Arrest of Alex Jones Following Roger Stone’s Conviction – Report

Deep State & Democrats will not be happy until every leading Trump supporter is jailed or destroyed

Faux Republican Meghan McCain Tweets “Rot In Hell, Roger Stone”

Internet jokes Stone would join her father.

NBC Medical Correspondent, Friend of Adam Schiff Arrested for Sexting 9-year-old

Impeachment ringleader Congressman Adam Schiff referred to Dr. Bruce Hensel as a 'friend.'

Taiwan Evacuates Over 500 Students From Hong Kong

City violence reaching new levels

Trump Demands South Korea Pay 400% More For US Troops – Report

Announcement comes after North Korea accuses US of breaching a previous deal by taking part in joint military exercises in region

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