Man Brutally Beaten After Asking Gang of Youths Not to Egg His Car

Gang of 10-15 youths attack man, destroy vehicle

Video: Female Trump Supporter Sucker Punched by Protester

Deranged leftist strikes woman in face from out of nowhere.

Columbus Statues Vandalized Across Country – “Kill All Colonizers”

Protesters doused red paint on monuments and wrote, "Stop Celebrating Genocide."

Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson Reveals He Was Hired In ‘Fall of 2015’ to Investigate Trump

Steele Dossier memos were delivered directly 'to President Obama,' he says.

Watch AG Barr Speak Out Against Demonic Enemies of America

Mainstream media won't spread this epic message.

Former ABC Anchor Sam Donaldson Says Trump Supporters Have Fixation for ‘White Christian Country’

Veteran Fake Newser claims Trump supporters 'don’t want diversity.'

Video: NBA Security Removes Peaceful Protester Holding “China Owns The NBA” Sign

ChiCom influence over First Amendment exerted in America's powerful cultural institutions.

Breaking! Project Veritas Records CNN’s President Admitting They’re Fake News

Jeff Zucker admits "anti-Trump crusade" and "personal vendetta" against POTUS.

Powerful Trump Speech: “We Are Under Assault”

Says "we don't worship government, we worship God" during Values Voter Summit

New California Gun Laws Nullify The 2nd Amendment

Will the state's law enforcement obey unConstitutional orders?

CNN Employee Confesses That MSM Ignores Shootings In ‘Minority Communities’

Chicago shootings completely dismissed while crimes committed by white people get wall-to-wall coverage.

Kurt Eichenwald Posts 1983 Image of Child Earthquake Victims to Bash Trump Over Syria Pullout

Journalist fails to clarify or delete fake news tweet.

EU Backs Off Turkey Arms Embargo as Erdogan Threatens to Unleash Millions of Migrants

Erdogan's response strikes a tone of one who is holding all the cards

ABC Attempts to Pass Off Gun Range Footage as Combat Footage From Syria to Blame Trump

For "atrocities" as a result of him pulling out U.S. troops.

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