Max Boot Defends ISIS Leader, Says Suicide Bombing Isn’t Cowardly

WaPo and CNN contributor retracted statement and tweet after fierce backlash.

Epic: Dude Kicked Off Stage by Anti-Trump Rapper After He Refuses to Say “F**k Trump”

Defiant young man declines to bad-mouth president in the face of bullying.

Lebanon Bans Removal of Large Dollar Sums From Country Amid Bank Run “Panic”

Experts fear next bank run could crash economy

Two Rockets Hit US Military Camp in Baghdad – Report

Iraqi security sources claim rockets hit Taji Camp north of Baghdad

Will Johnson Attends Rally Against Radical Sex-Ed Targeting Children

Citizens rally to stop vote on approving sexually explicit material for kids

FBI Declassifies Documents On Secret Pedophile Group ‘The Finders’

Alleges Satanic group had ties to intelligence community.

Watch Live: FBI Releases Documents on ‘The Finders’ – A Secret Society Accused of Child Sex Abuse

Satanic group with ties to intelligence community accused of ritual child abuse.

Dave Chappelle Defends Second Amendment During Awards Ceremony

"The First Amendment is first for a reason. Second Amendment is just in case the First one doesn't work out."

Researchers Linking Personality Traits, Not Just Food Addiction, to Obesity Patients

Food can trigger overconsumption similar to alcohol and drugs, but it is not the whole story

Video: #WalkAway Founder Calls CNN’s April Ryan A Liar To Her Face

Ryan fled after being called out at Politicon.

Peter Schiff Warns of Coming Higher Consumer Prices Amid Weakening Dollar

Says trade deficits became so big people stopped worrying about them

Bannon: ‘Joe Biden Is Totally Compromised By China’

'I think people understand it. I think the Ukraine situation’s the same thing,' he says.

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