Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice Downplays Trump’s Killing of ISIS Leader

Insists U.S. troops must stay in Middle East to remain 'vigilant.'

Trump Says He Didn’t Notify Congress Of Baghdadi Raid Out Of Fear Of Leaks

President says leaks could have jeopardized lives of soldiers conducting raid.

Washington Post Honors ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi As “Religious Scholar” in Obituary

Quickly changes headline after swift backlash.

NBC Bemoans Trump Taking ‘Victory Lap’ After Killing ISIS Leader

Fears president will use Baghdadi's death to further justify pulling out of Middle East.

Videos Emerge From Reported Site of ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi’s Death

Alleged footage of raid and aftermath circulating social media.

How the Word “OK” Was Invented 175 Years Ago

Symbol not rooted in white supremacy, as the left would have you believe.

Attacker Still At Large After Texas University Homecoming Mass Shooting Leaves 2 dead, Multiple Injured

Graphic footage posted on social media shows aftermath of incident.

‘I’m Not Worried About A Single Thing’: A Defiant Comey Brushes Off DOJ Criminal Investigation

But added he'll move to New Zealand if President Trump is reelected.

Oxford University Bans Clapping At Student Union Events To “Stop Triggering Anxiety”

"Jazz hands" is the British Sign Language movement to express applause. It is considered a "more inclusive" gesture.

Trump launches Twitter attack on Pelosi over impeachment bid

“We should all work together to clean up these hazardous waste and homeless sites before the whole city rots away.”

World Outraged By Woman Who Left Toddler On Stranger’s Doorstep, Silent Over Droves of Unaccompanied Children Sent Across U.S. Border

Media doesn't want you to learn of massive scale of child abuse at hands of coyotes at southern border.

GOP Never Trumpers Call For Trump’s Arrest, Champion Globalist Policies

Maniac globalist RINO primary challengers call for red flag laws, reinstatement of globalist deals, and implementation of carbon taxes.

Maher Torches Bill & Hillary Clinton: ‘They’ve Got To Go Away’ Before 2020 Election

Hillary's toxic brand is hurting the Dems' chances of winning in 2020, he says.

Watch Live: Rats Flee Sinking Ship – Deep Staters Flip Against Obama and Hillary

James Baker and others to testify against Anti-Trump coup plotters.

Shock: Democrats For Life?

Extreme positions by Dems have some leftists embracing pro-life stance.

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