MSM Rewriting 9/11 History to Fit Their Current Narrative – Watch Fire Power With Will Johnson NOW

MSM downplays suggestion of Islamic terrorism by claiming that it was simply "airplanes that took aim" at twin towers

Hillary Clinton Reads Emails While Pretending To Be President At Art Exhibit

Omits fact her 33,000 deleted emails are not included at art exhibition.

‘Save the Trees, Kill the Children’: Austin, Texas City Council Gives $150,000 to Fund Abortions

Measure will invariably lead to deaths of more unborn babies.

CNN on 9/11: ‘Right-wingers Are America’s Deadliest Terrorists’

Fake News demonizes white conservatives on 18th anniversary of Islamic attacks.

San Fran Store Owner Bitten Twice by Vagrants in Separate Attacks

Shopkeeper says aggressive homeless destroying neighborhood

Red Flag Gun Laws Are Rooted In Communist Methods Of Oppression

Once Pandora's box of pre-crime & hearsay evidence is opened, the sky is the limit for the violation of American constitutional rights

Hong Kong Exchange Offers to Buy London Stock Exchange

Unsolicited bid totals $39 billion

Record Number of Migrants Cross English Channel in Single Day

Migrant-filled season dubbed "summer of chaos"

Mark Your Calendars: All-Day, Full Throttle Broadcast Covering Dem Debate & More! Thurs, Sept. 12

Coverage begins at 8am Central. Tune in and share this link!! "Houston, We Have A Problem..."

Ted (Fat Dracula) Cruz Calls Alex Jones A “Nasty Nut” But Supports His Free Speech

Texas Senator claims he doesn't listen to Infowars.

Watch Live: Former Intelligence Officer Questions Unexplained Events of 9/11

Share the link to this special commemorative broadcast!

Firefighter Mascot Removed For Not Being Inclusive Enough

Fireman Sam a fixture on children's TV since '80s

Knife Control? Five Stabbed In Florida Rampage

Will Democrats call for anti-knife legislation as seen in Europe?

India Set to Carry Out Biggest War Games Near China Border

Exercise set in disputed Arunachal Pradesh

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