AG Barr: FBI ‘Spied Upon’ Trump Campaign in ‘Bad Faith’

'Based on a completely bogus narrative largely fanned and hyped by a completely irresponsible press,' says Attorney General.

Trump Surges in Battleground States as Dems Push Impeachment

Trump won all three Democratic-leaning states in 2016

Trump & Dems Both Celebrate “Infinitely Better” New NAFTA Deal

Deal touted as big win for White House ahead of 2020

Navy Appeals to Pentagon to Boost Fleet

US Navy Secretary wants 355 ships as soon as possible

Infowars Host Storms Trump Rally in Freedom Tank To Warn of Dem Coup

Owen Shroyer warns voters of sham impeachment.

Infowars to Exclusively Reveal How Deep State/Neocon/Democrats Plan to Remove Trump in Senate

This Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones Show is absolutely must watch, listen and share transmission!

Italian Government Numbers Show 42% of Rapes are Carried Out by Migrants

Italian women more likely to be victims of sexual harassment.

Watch Live: IG Report – Anatomy Of A Gov’t Cover-Up

Remember to share this link to help Infowars fight back against internet censorship.

Hillary Clinton Is STILL The Democratic Frontrunner

Despite being the least popular candidate among Americans.

Central banks worldwide buying up massive amounts of gold in a shift away from US dollar – Goldman Sachs

“De-dollarization in central banks – demand from central banks for gold is biggest since the Nixon era, eating up 20 percent of global...

Planned Parenthood Employee Testified She Wanted To ‘Move Forward’ On Selling Fetal Livers For $750 Each

Transcripts show that Tram Nguyen, who identifies herself as a healthcare administrator at Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast, said...

2020 Polls Show Impeachment Is Kamikaze Mission for Democrats

The American people see it so well.

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