Video: Liberals Prove Facts Don’t Matter To Them

You can lead a Democrat to the truth but you can't make them comprehend it.

Smollett 2.0? Ex-NFL Player Arrested For Staging Hate Crime

Swastikas, "MAGA," "monkey," and "n***er" graffitied on walls.

Watch Live – Border Emergency: 173rd Illegal Immigrant Sex Abuser Arrested in 2019

Share the link to this broadcast to alert your fellow countrymen to the ongoing illegal immigrant invasion!

Combination of Wood Fibers, Spider Silk to Rival Plastic

Unique compound outperforms most synthetic & natural materials

Blast & Fire Hits Major Virus Lab in Russia, Where HIV, Ebola & Anthrax Strains are Stored

Some of the most dangerous strains are still being kept inside the Institute’s building.

Strike Against GM Comes as Union Leaders Face Corruption Investigation

Justice Department Investigating UAW's leadership involving over $1 million

Liberals Take Infowars’ Dem Debate #3 Quiz!

Can the left remember what their candidates say?

McCarthy: We Came Close ‘To This Country Having A Coup,’ Vows Deep State Cabal Will See Justice

McCabe, Comey and others will face indictments, says House Minority Leader.

Michigan Could Be In A Recession In Next Couple Months

Hawaii and Montana have the next highest probabilities of recession risk for 4Q19.

YouTube Blocks Trump Rally Broadcaster from Being Able to Livestream

Platform continues to censor Right Side Broadcasting, popular for streaming Trump rallies.

Watch: Democrats Fully Embrace Communism

Pro-communist liberals suddenly support the police and admit to polluting the environment in these eye-opening videos.

Oil prices skyrocket 20ter attacks on Saudi plants disrupt global supply

The biggest intra-day gain in nearly 30 years

Tulsi: U.S. Acting Like Saudi Arabia’s ‘Bitch’ Over Oil Attack

Trump poised to retaliate against Iran over attack on oil supply -- if Saudi Arabia says so.

New observations help explain the dimming of Tabby’s Star

A disk of debris—torn from a melting exomoon—that is accumulating and orbiting the star?

Attention Liberals: Greta Thunberg Is Not Jesus

Young environmentalist being pushed as next savior by leftist establishment.

Adam Carolla Unloads on “Cancel Culture” SJWs: “Shut the F*ck Up”

"Comedians need a place where they can be offensive without your bullshit, fake outrage."

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