Thousands of Mystery Holes Discovered in Pacific Ocean

Seafloor holes described as “nearly circular & fairly evenly spaced"

NASA Working on Finding Practical Mars Landing Sites

Scientists want astronauts near water

Americans Propping Up Economy With Money They Don’t Have

Total consumer debt outstanding now stands at a record $4.165 trillion

Horowitz Admits FBI Engaged In “Illegal Surveillance” Of Trump Campaign

'It's illegal surveillance. It's not court-authorized surveillance.'

Turkey Threatens to Revoke US Nuclear Base After Sanctions Bill Advances to Senate Floor

Senate wants to give Trump more time to make a deal with Turkey over its purchase of a Russian defense system

Don Lemon, Leftists Triggered Over Hilarious Trump-Thanos Meme

Meme declares President Trump's re-election 'inevitable.'

Bloomberg Hit With FEC Complaint Over Partisan Media Blackout

"This is not only categorically unethical, but potentially illegal," complaint asserts

This Live Broadcast Is On Fire! Do NOT Watch & Do NOT Share This Link!

We can’t tell you the name of the host or it’ll make our authoritarian masters angry. Just submit, dirty Americans!

US Announces New Anti-Iran Sanctions

Pompeo accuses Iranian airline of role in 'proliferation of weapons of mass destruction'

Gender-Neutral ‘They’ Named 2019 Word of the Year

Dictionary publisher pushes trans agenda

Rand Paul Stands His Ground With Neil Cavuto On Impeachment, Earns A ‘Clever’ On Last Response

Paul noted the absurdity of making political figures immune from investigations.

Democratic Rep. Karen Bass Says House Would Impeach Trump Again If He Wins In 2020

The comments come as House Democrats released two articles of impeachment Tuesday against President Trump.

Clinton-Appointed Judge Blocks Billions In Funding For Trump’s Border Wall

“After due consideration, the Court is of the opinion that a declaratory judgment and permanent injunction shall be granted in Plaintiffs’...

Hilarious: Leftists Triggered By Trump Candy Bars

Making confectionery great again.

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