Watch Live! Snowden’s Permanent Record: The Good, The Bad And The Misinformation

Learn the truth about the misunderstood whistleblower here.

Just 38% of Americans Believe in Man Made Climate Change

Despite relentless propaganda campaign about scientific "consensus."

Saudi Arabia Says It Has “Material Evidence” Tying Iran To Aramco Attack

The country's defense ministry will hold a news conference later in the day laying out new evidence.

Georgia Homeowner Uses ‘Semi-Automatic Rifle’ To Return Fire Against Three Masked Attackers. None Survived

Two 16-year-olds and a 15-year-old reportedly covered their faces and approached a Conyers, Georgia, residence around 4 a.m. Monday,...

Health fears prompt Swiss 5G revolt

Demonstrators against the technology are due to fill the streets of Bern later this month, but already a number of cantons have been...

Video: Hillary Clinton STILL COMPLAINING About Losing To Trump

'Crooked' loser gives 'counseling' to Democratic candidates.

Dems Using Impeachment Hearing to Hijack America – Watch Fire Power With Will Johnson NOW

Plus: special guest joins show to discuss Islam in America

Homeowner Shoots, Kills Three Armed Home Invaders – Police

Georgia man defends property from masked intruders thanks to 2nd Amendment

‘You Just Wonder’: Devastating Video Questions Biden’s Mental Stamina

Compilation illustrates glaring mental decline of Dem. frontrunner.

Senator Slams Google, Uber For Not Investing in US

Says they’re creating jobs, but in China

Violent Crime Suspects in German ‘Gay District’ Over 70% Foreign

Crime spiking as migrants continue to pour into Germany

Derailed: Democrat Impeachment Hearing Descends Into Full-Blown Circus

House Judiciary Committee attempts to grill Corey Lewandowski devolve into madness.

StemExpress Whistleblower “Cut Open Baby’s Face To Harvest The Brain”

Disturbing testimony reveals techniques abortionists use to procure intact organs.

Watch Live: Mideast on the Brink as Israel’s Election Comes Down to the Wire

Spread this link and learn how Israel's elections affect the entire region.

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