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UK crime crisis: Campaigner delivers poignant message amid Home Office's ‘#knifefree’ plan

THE head of an knife crime campaign group has delivered a poignant message following the Home Office’s recent “#knifefree" chicken...

Brexit shock: Axed minister gives incredible vote of approval to Boris after EU meetings

TOBIAS ELLWOOD, a former minister who backed remain in the EU referendum, has given a surprise vote of approval to Boris Johnson following...

UK weather forecast: Heatwave to melt Britain as bank holiday weekend commences

THE Met Office has said that the UK is about to undergo an end of summer heatwave this bank holiday.

Elon Musk bombshell: Tesla CEO humiliated as top investor insists that he is replaceable

ELON MUSK has been humiliated as a top investor of his company Tesla says he isn’t irreplaceable.

‘The future is bright!’: Liz Truss makes brilliant point about South Korea free trade deal

LIZ TRUSS, the International Trade Secretary, has expressed her excitement after she secured a continuity trade deal with South Korea.

Brexit alert: Remoaner alliance under threat as rebel MPs feel strain of Boris revival

THE band of anti-Brexit MPs attempting to hijack democracy is under chaos as splits have emerged within the Remain alliance.

Boris Johnson punches air in triumph after stubborn EU crumbles in face of no deal Brexit

A JUBILANT Boris Johnson won a surprise Brexit boost today from Emmanuel Macron.

California earthquake: Powerful 5.0 magnitude quake strikes

CALIFORNIA has been struck by a 5.0 magnitude earthquake which hit the US just northwest of Ridgecrest.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's 'eco-warriors credentials' been 'shot' – 'It's shameful'

MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry sparked fury after it was revealed they travelled on multiple trips by private jet, despite the pair...

LA shooting: Female shooter at large after gunning down at least four people in California

POLICE in Los Angeles are hunting a female shooter after reports of bullets being fired in downtown LA.

RAF unveils deadly new Protector drone armed with ‘game-changing technology’

BRITAIN’s new high-tech armed surveillance drones have been unveiled to the RAF crews who will control them.

Jihadi Jack’s mother sparks ‘outrage’ demanding the UK show sympathy for ISIS fanatic

JIHADI Jack’s mother has sparked fury for demanding the British public be sympathetic to her son before insisting the ISIS fanatic...

UK weather: 3 week heatwave to scorch Britain – Melting temperatures continue in September

BRITAIN is set for a three-week heatwave which continue way beyond the recording breaking bank holiday weekend as temperatures are...

Royal shock: How Princess Diana thought Prince Harry would make better king than William

PRINCE WILLIAM was raised as heir to the British throne. However, his mother Princess Diana felt Prince Harry would make a better...

Mother breastfed on ‘dirty’ train floor after ‘selfish’ commuters refused to give up seats

A MOTHER has hit out at “selfish” commuters for not giving up their seats on a jam-packed train after she said she was forced to breastfeed...

UK weather: 3 week heatwave blasts Britain as scorching temperatures stay into September

BRITAIN is set for a three-week heatwave which continue way beyond the recording breaking bank holiday weekend as temperatures are...

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