FOX News

Pastors, worship leaders pray for Trump in Oval Office amid impeachment fight

Prominent Christian pastors and worship leaders prayed over President Trump in the Oval Office last week, as he told them he needs...

FOX News

Charles Hurt: Moderate Dems pushing censure instead of impeachment will get 'squashed like a bug'

Fox News contributor Charles Hurt said Wednesday that he suspects that the moderate Democrats who are pushing the idea of censuring...

FOX News

Aaron Carter accused of racism after imitating Chinese accent while ordering food

Aaron Carter is being accused of racism after posting a video where he spoke in a Chinese accent weeks after declaring he was taking...

FOX News

Frontier Airlines pilots, flight attendants allege discrimination against pregnant or lactating employees

Frontier Airlines employees claimed they “found themselves faced with mounting obstacles once they became pregnant that forced them...

Daily Express

Brexiteer Tim Martin reveals staggering sum he gave Tories this week to DEFEAT Labour

TIM MARTIN the owner of Wetherspoons gave the Conservative Party £50,000 at the start of this week in order to help them beat the...

Daily Express

Texas Navy base on lockdown: Shelter in place as US Navy warn 'this is not a drill'

A United States Navy naval air base in Texas is currently on lockdown with them warning "this is not a drill" as a suspect is in custody.

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